Friday, 14 November 2008

6 Favourite lip products


So I totally wasn't tagged in this but im doing it anyway!!

My top 6 are (from left to right):

1. MAC Viva Glam VI
2. MAC Cult Fave (from fafi)
3. Chanel Glossimer in Scintillance
4. Chanel Glossimer in Volage
5. Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in 34 Evocation
6. Estee Lauder Hydra lustre lipstick in Pink Champagne

Ok so I know these all look really similar in the photograph but hey I know what looks good on me haha!

I have been wearing the 2 Chanel glosses for years and have bought them both again and again, something which is pretty rare for a makeup adict like myself, I love how they give a good coverage as well as high shine and as far as lip glosses go they last pretty well. However if I had to pick one of these products above all to take on a desert island it would have to be MAC's cult fave, I am sooo glad I bought a backup of this it is such a pretty colour and doesn't leave my lips dried out at all :) yey for MAC!

So I have to tag my lovely subscriber on this StyleVixenMUA - this girls blog is great, honest and down to earth - one of my new faves :)

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