Saturday, 25 October 2008

Chanel Levres Scintillantes in Volage

Ok I admit it, I have a little problem with lip glosses...OK its more of an obsession than a problem in that I just dont seem to be able to stop myself from buying them! Whats worse is that every one I buy seems to be some variation on frosted baby pink but this time its special!!

A couple of days ago I purchased a Chanel glossimer lip gloss in the colour Volage and I have fallen head over heels! It is a gorgeous thick consistancy so it lasts pretty well on the lips and has an almost lipstick like coverage, and the colour ooohh the colour, its a perfect baby pink with a high shine and a very light shimmer running through.

When I bought the gloss I intended to use it only on its own without lipstick underneath as I thought it would be too thick in consistancy to work with a lipstick but I tried it today teamed with a lovely Estee Lauder lipstick which I got free with a gift with purchase called Pink Champagne and it really enhanced both the colour and the lasting power!

In short a big thumbs up for this gorgeous Chanel gloss :D

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Im loving : Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation!

So I have to talk about the latest foundation I have fallen in love with, the clue is in the title, yes its Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - I think this may turn into a long term relationship!

I have always loved Chanel foundations and have never really put much thought into changing because I was always really happy with the result I got with them but recently my skin has been incredibly oily and my usual Teint Innocence compact foundation by Chanel just wasn't lasting through the day. I have always heard people reconmending Double Wear but not being a big fan of Lauder have never thought about trying it out for myself, however I had a chat to the Lauder consultant who said it was a great foundation for us oily girls and kindly gave me a little sample.

When I first put it on it felt a little powdery and heavy but it blended in well and left a pretty natural effect. The main test however was a day in work under the harsh lights and without constant access to my beloved MAC blot powder. I was amazed that when I took my lunch break around 5 hours after I applied my makeup, it looked freshly applied without even a hint of oil coming through! I even tried it the next day when I was out and about shopping and it rose to the challenge of varying temperatures! I rushed out and bought it yesterday and I have to say at £22.50 its worth every penny!

Welcome Beauty Hunters :)

Hi Blog world and a very warm welcome to my brand shiny new blog!

Im hoping to keep you entertained with a bountiful stream of makeup and beauty advice and tips, im a full time makeup artist and all round beauty fiend and thought what better way to justify my overspending and general obsessive behaviour in the area of makeup and beauty than to share it with the world via the internet!

Any questions or suggestions would be very much welcome but im already plannng both brand and product reviews, makeup looks and much much more!

Im a great lover of premium brand cosmetics but also love playing with drug store brands so im sure there will be a little something for everybody!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Beauty Bounty